Single Touch Payroll (EOFY) report wrong

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I am, sadly, having to enter all of last years pay run for a client into ReckonOne. They seem to be all in correctly, and when I run the Payroll Summary Report it shows the correct figures. But when I go into the Single touch payroll (EOFY) and add the report for the 20-21 year the figures are wrong for two of the three employees.

One Employee who did not receive Job Keeper top ups is right, but the other two who did have incorrect Gross showing but correct PAYG. The figures are off by the exact amount they received as Job Keeper top up, so it is obviously not including that. How do I fix this?



  • Rav
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    Hi Terri,

    Its hard to say what is behind this without actually taking a look at the book. To that end, I'd highly recommend giving our Reckon One tech support team a call so we can get a technician on the case here, they'll also be able to initiate a remote session if required. When you've got a chance, please give the team a call and they'll be able to take a look.