Revoke MFA for STP App


I need to revoke the MFA for my STP App. I no longer have access to the phone number that was linked to my account so I can't use my app. I have contacted technical support and they advised I must communicate with the team via this method. Can you please advise how I can revoke my MFA?



  • swakhlu01 .
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    @garybyrnes57 go to this URL for the Reckon customer portal (not the Reckon webapp) and login with your ID. On top right side select profile page (person icon) and scroll down to MFA. Good luck.

  • garybyrnes57
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    Thanks @swakhlu01 . but I no longer have access to the phone number or the recovery pin so I have no way to revoke MFA through the Reckon portal. When you click on the Help with MFA it links you to an article (FAQ - Reckon GovConnect - Reckon Help and Support Centre) and in the section about not having access to MFA or Pin it says I need to contact technical support. I have contacted them and they sent me here. I seem to be stuck in a very frustrating loop

  • Rav
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    Hi @garybyrnes57

    To remove the existing phone number associated with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) it can be done yourself via the account settings IF you still have access to the current phone number. You've mentioned that you don't have access to it though so instead we'll need to make some changes on our end.

    In order to do so I'll need the following details on a signed business letterhead

    • ABN
    • Email address your app account is registered under
    • Full legal name of the entity
    • Existing phone number associated with MFA
    • Your full name and contact details
    • Signature of the owner/authority of the ABN

    Send that to me in a Private Message (do not post publicly on this thread), attach the document using the attachment option in the message window (screenshot example below)