1 deleted pay still showing on ATO STP my gov. How can I fix, please help?

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A pay was created in the free payroll Stp as normal.

As it was the completely wrong date (in the future) the person deleted the pay on the free payroll reckon stp app. (yes I know they shouldn't have done this)

The pay/stp is still showing on ATO STP my gov.

The pay is not showing on the reckon app because it was deleted.

(We will be on the hosted platform from 1st July. I know what should have been done).

I am only after advice on how to resolve this 1 pay that is deleted and still showing at the ATO STP portal, thank you.

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    Thanks for your help, check the EOFY and it all balances so great advice, really appreciate it!


  • Rav
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    Hi @Mp

    Just to clarify, was there anything other than the date that was incorrect about this particular pay run?

    Also, was it the pay date OR the pay period that was incorrect?

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    Hi Rav

    Only the pay date was incorrect.

    I have spoken with the ATO, although this deleted STP event is still showing on their STP reporting on ATO portal somehow it has removed that STP deleted pay totals from the ATO totals. ATO just confirmed this. Although it still appears on their STP portal.

    The employee totals are correct in their ATO personal system as they have checked so maybe STP app did do an adjustment when deleted.

    I think I will have to wait till EOFY and hopefully it will be all ok. Thanks for your help.

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    @Mp For the employee create an EOFY Report for FY21/22 in payroll app and verify the total amounts. (cancel and do not submit anything).

    Compare the amounts if possible with the Income Statement of the Employee from the ATO MyGov.

    If the amounts match and these are correct figures for the YTD payments the employee should have received then nothing to worry.

    If the EOFY report is showing lower than the ATO Income statement then you can change the initial income statement for employee for 21/22 in employee settings to match . I am assuming ATO Income statement for employee will not be lower than the EOFY report from Payroll app.

    I am still unsure how you can delete a Payrun in Payroll App. Unless by mistake the person selected the Payrun for "revert to draft"and then cancelled instead of resubmit to ATO after Payrun date change. In which case it should be an Update payrun. But the STP record should not disappear. The payrun page in Payroll app has two tabs Payrun and STP.