Overseas travel allowance

Attempting to pay the ATO allowed overseas travel allowance but I am restricted to $3000. Is Theresa way of overriding this as I need to pay more to the employee.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,093 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @lin

    There is no way to override the annual limit of the travel allowance item.

    An alternative you could look at is to create a new allowance item and use that in your pay run. You can create pay items in the 'Settings' section of the Payroll App.

  • lin_10863302
    lin_10863302 Member Posts: 8

    I am working around this issue by creating an “other” allowance which has no restrictions. I hope this is going to be accepted by ATO. I am not sure I understand why there is a limit on travel allowance. The ATO dictates the travel allowance limit dependent on the Zone of travel and there is no limit dictated by them.