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Hi I am changing back from Reckon one to hosted - I changed my subscription to basic knowing that the renewal isnt until April 14 so I still had time to do my reports anyway I just logged on to get a few more reports and my payroll is gone :/ so I cant access them??? this doesnt renew until APRIL 14 so why have I lost access?



  • Rav
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    When you change modules in Reckon One, the changes made are instant and will be reflected in your book straight after you do so. I've just checked in with the Reckon One team and they've let me know that you can however re-add the module(s) that you removed without being billed again before the current renewal date, in your case the 14th.

    If you no longer wish to have selected modules for the next billing month then I'd recommend that you remove them before the renewal date ie. first day of your new billing period.