Instructions needed to lodge BAS via Reckon One

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I have been trying to find a guide or instructions on how to lodge a BAS directly from Reckon One to the ATO.

The only info I can find is a few years old and mentions Auskeys so I think that's obsolete, and other instruction only show how to run the reports and 'mark' the BAS as lodged.

Could someone please share a link to how I go about setting this up and then lodging?


  • Rav
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    Reckon One has the ability to assist you in preparing your BAS however it won't directly lodge the BAS to the ATO itself. I'll link some resources below on getting your BAS calculations prepared in Reckon One.

    How-to Video: Preparing your BAS

    How-to Video: Processing transactions to pay your BAS

    How-to Video: Claiming a GST refund on your BAS

    I'll also link info to a Reckon One add-on below called GovReports which integrates with Reckon One and enables businesses, BAS and tax agents to prepare, manage and directly lodge compliance reports to SBR-ready Government agencies eg. the ATO.

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  • Suzeb
    Suzeb Member Posts: 7

    Hi Rav

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I think it must have been GovReports that my client had heard about.

    Thanks so much for this information.