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Hello Reckon. Appreciate this forum appears to be for desktop users, but I can't find help for the payroll app (not premium), which is the only one I use. I am trying to make a payment for unused annual and LS leave, but can't find any categories for that, or final payment flags, or any way of avoiding super on leave (as is appropriate for unused leave). Can you help or point me in the right direction please? The app has been good for month to month payments of my one employee, but this looks beyond its capability.




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    If it’s the free version, I believe it only has basic pay functionality 😬

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    Hi Ossie,

    I've moved your post over to the Reckon Payroll App category which is where you'll find conversations and other content related to the Payroll App.

    In regard to your query though, I don't believe this functionality is present in the Payroll App at this stage. There is a fairly large enhancement update that is planned for the app coming later this year which will greatly expand on functionality. however currently, the Payroll App can support creating custom pay, earning & leave items however the pay run will only allow you add an earnings item.

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    @Ossie If the intent is to avoid super calculation on unused leave encashment amounts then create a custom earning category in Payroll app and call it "Leave payment". You can in the options settings untick superannuation calculation. However, you may have to create a manual EOFY report for this employee to aportion the relevant Lump sump payments in the Income Statement issued by ATO to employee.