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Hi I am trying to set up super in my payroll and no figures are coming up. Just checking I a setting it up correctly. Not sure on this screen shot whose bank details I should be putting here. thanks


  • Rav
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    Hi @ckinspire

    Go to Settings ➡️ Pay Items (under the Payroll Setup section) ➡️ Ensure that you have a Super Guarantee pay item setup that includes your pay items that you're using and that it is set to Active.

    The below screenshot is just an example (click on the image for a larger view) -

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  • ckinspire
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    Hi Rav, I have that set up, but not sure what should go under expense account?

    Also as per screen shot above, whose bank details should I imput there.

    thanks Kerry

  • ckinspire
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    Hi thanks I have set it all up, but I think it is calculating super on a weekly basis even though the amount is not over $450.

    The week before it calculated it the same.

    I may have entered something incorrectly.

  • Jean_10862158
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    If your payrun is weely it will probably put the SG there, it is only when the final pay for the month is done that it will know if the $450 threshhold has been reached.

    Is there a check box in the setup to say yes or no to the $450 threshhold?. And if so, what is it set at?

    After 1st July22, the $450 threshhold is getting removed anyway.