Gross wages and PAYG incorrect in employees mygov account

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Hi, I have an ex employee who finished earlier this year. There were several issues with her pays throughout the year and I had to correct them in a convoluted way as she had overpaid herself and as Reckon will not let a negative PAYG paycheque be processed, I had to edit the actual pays done. Anyway, long story short, Reckon is now showing her annual gross and PAYG correctly. The last STP submission I did with the final adjustment, showed her YTD figures were correct with the ATO - but the amounts showing up in her mygov are the pre adjustment amounts. The submissions were submitted as replacement events and recorded as successful.

I'm not sure what else I can do - any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Will EOY finalisation perhaps correct this? I'm not a seasoned Reckon user, so not sure how it it all works.

Thanks :-)


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    You mention last STP submission done with final adjustment showed ex-employee YTD figures with ATO were correct - where in ATO are you referring to? Is this the Reckon YTD figure? If you did any reports to ATO last weekend then these may not reflect in MyGov Income statement of employee as the ATO site had a scheduled maintenance.

    Check the STP tab in Payroll App to verify if the Payrun adjustment was successful.

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    Hi @CarolD

    Can I just confirm that you're using the Reckon Payroll App product which this conversation has been created under or some other Reckon product?

    Was this employee previously included in an End of Financial Year finalisation?

    If the employee's balances in your Reckon software are correct then when you send through an EOFY finalisation for this employee it will overwrite any and all previous balances that the ATO currently hold for the employee for the respective financial year.

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    Hi Rav, yes sorry - posted in error here - the other post you replied to is correct :-)