current version of the app ?

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I am a little confused with the STP 2. As i received a letter from the ATO, which state "You need to start reporting additional information on or before each pay day. This is known as STP Phase 2."

However i thought i was already doing this

can you please confirm that the current update of the basic app is version 2.22.16 , which is the version i am using now... or is there a new update...




  • Rav
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    Hi Guy,

    All our payroll-capable software including the Reckon Payroll App is currently covered by a 12 month deferral from Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 reporting.

    There is more info in the article linked below -

    We're building out the functionality required to cater for STP Phase 2 reporting requirements and as we get closer toward finalisation of that and our commencement date we'll be sharing more info on everything you need to know.

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