How To Print Invoices etc To PDF?

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We upgraded to Accounts Hosted on Friday from Accounts Premiere. I am trying to save an invoice as a PDF but can’t figure out how to do this. With Premiere it was easy, we just went to Print to PDF and saved it to a location on our drive. Now the only option is Reckon Printer.

I understand this saves to the Q drive but I can't seem to find anything under Q?

We have our end of month invoices coming up and normally go to Send Forms and send the lot, but how will we do this now?


Please see screenshot below. I have clicked Print and I assume it saves to the Q drive? When I click Download on the floating toolbar, where do I locate the file?


  • Rav
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    Hi @Marsha

    Reckon Accounts Hosted works a little different in a couple of areas compared to the desktop-based Reckon Accounts versions, this being one of them.

    With that said, are you looking to print or just save to PDF? If its the latter then you could just go to File ➡️ Save as PDF

    The file will save to your Q drive and then you can download it to your PC from there. I've made a quick little screen recording below which hopefully illustrates what I mean. (click on it for a larger view)

  • Charley
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    If you go to the next print stage where you can print to your printer then you have a 'save to pdf' option and probably a couple of other pdf options like I have with Microsoft pdf and Bullzip Printer which I prefer because I can add pages to the same pdf one after the other and then it's on your hard drive directly rather then on your Q and then download