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Stuart Charlton
Stuart Charlton Member Posts: 10

How do you clear the invoices you no longer want to print from the Print Forms list? Each time I un-select them now, and then go back into the list, they are there again.

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  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,078 Community Manager Community Manager
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    Hi Stuart

    Have the invoices that remain in the list actually been printed at some stage previously?

    I've gone through my own Hosted account this morning and had 4 invoices in my print window selected and available to print. After going through the prompts and either printing or saving them to PDF in the print window, they cleared off my list as below.


  • Stuart Charlton
    Stuart Charlton Member Posts: 10

    Hi Rav. I found that if you do not print them (even if it virtual) you cannot remove them - like you can with Send Forms emails. There is no Remove button in the print menu.

    So I just printed them to my browser and closed the browser.

    We have a number of users that are inexperienced with the solution so when they invoice they click the buttons at the bottom without realising it creates lists everywhere.

    Thanks for responding. Stuart

  • PhuongDo
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    Hi @Stuart Charlton,

    You can try my free tool, once you connect to your Reckon Hosted file, you can do a batch update to invoices to remove the To Be Emailed option.