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Hi all

I've just started using Reckon Payroll (in Reckon 1). I do weekly pay runs but end of month STP. At the end of last month (May), I noticed when I went to do STP, that it doesn't appear to combine all pay runs into one submission when submitting to ATO. Instead I had to do a submission for each of the 4 pay runs for May. Is this how it works? If so, is the ATO happy for me to do a STP submission each week for each end of week pay run?


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    @jeffB1001 From your message it appears you may be confusing Payruns and Payroll. Every Payrun created in Reckon Payroll App has to be reported through STP. This is the sole purpose of the app. You will notice the last action during creation of Payrun is to select "Mark as paid". This is the acknowledgement from employer that the Payment is being made to the employee. You can create and report Payruns weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

    My understanding is the STP rules expect the Payrun is reported to ATO before the employee pay day unless there is an out of cycle payment involved- like one of bonus/ commission.


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    Hi @jeffB1001

    An STP submission must be sent to the ATO on or before the pay date for each pay run that you create. So in your case, if you're creating 4 pay runs in May then you'll need to send an STP submission for each of those pay runs.

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