How to resubmit payrun when ago mirrored it for date

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Only noticed now that and old pay run on the stp app was in error from back in sept. Due to payment date.

Do I do a new pay run with the same dates?

When try to do adjustment say to click on the date but that doesn't allow.

( I don't have premium)


  • Rav
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    Hi @carrie

    STP is reported on a Year to Date basis only so if you've sent through STP submissions successfully after this particular one, which I assume you certainly have, then your Year to Date balances will have already updated.

  • carrie_10863802
    carrie_10863802 Member Posts: 8

    Just want to resend pay run on reckon app.

    Just checking if redo run now (over 6 mths later) or adjust at end of the year?

  • swakhlu01 .
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    Hi Carrie - based on your query it appears you had done previous payrun from STP app which has to be amended and have since migrated to Payroll app basic. If the payruns are for the FY2021/22 then it might be better to simply update the Initial 2021/22 YTD figures for the employee to the correct amounts before generating the EOFY 2021/22 Payrun for finalisation. But as suggested by Rav first check the YTD summary report for 2021/22 and verify if the amounts are already amended.

    Hope this answers your query.