STP submission rejected and Super guarantee totals

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Good Afternoon,

I do have 2 questions


I have just realized that the STP submission of one of my pay runs has been marked rejected.

The message from the ATO reads as follows: an unexpected error has occurred. Please contact the Tax Office.

I went into the ATO's Business Portal and could see that the particular pay run has not been recorded at all.

Could I just try and resubmit this pay run? Assuming this would be like an update event? Wondering whether the internet connection or the ATO's SBR2 was down at the time I tried to submit? Every other submission was successful throughout the year.


When I look at the EOFY report for 21/22, the total Super Guarantee has not added up according to what has been entered in every pay run. It appears to have just calculated the 10% super based on gross wage which of course generally would be correct. Yet , the particular employee receives super at 17 percent of his stipend salary. How can this be fixed?

This didn't cause any problems with the previous app from what I can remember.

Would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much. I can only imaging how busy this time of year is on your end.

Kind regards,

Heike Watson


  • swakhlu01 .
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    @Heike Regarding question 1 - you will have to do an adjustment payrun for the same pay date. Yes, there was a time period when the ATO server was down for maintance.

    Regarding question 2 - this will perhaps answer this -

  • Rav
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    Hi @Heike

    In relation to 1.), have you sent through successful submissions after this particular one that has been rejected?

    Secondly, as @swakhlu01 . has linked to above, currently the Payroll App only displays super balances at the (now former) 10% default rate. Rest assured the RESC component IS there, its just not visible.

    Putting that aspect aside, are the balances that appear in the EOFY report correct?

  • Heike
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    Thank you Swakhlu!

    Hi Rav and Swakhlu

    thanks for your responses.

    Yes, there was only one submission in November that appears as rejected, every other submission before and after that particular date in NOvember has gone through no problems.

    From Swaklu's response it would be ok to just send and adjustment payrun for that particular payrun?

    Yes, (apart from Super) balances are showing correctly in EOFY report apart form a few cents due to rounding problems within the app very early in the 21/22 financial year. Will just have to send an adjustment payrun through for the very first payrun of the year to get that straightened out.


    Thank you for assurance and information in regards to my enquiry about the super issue.


  • Heike
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    Dear Rav,

    i have just run into another problem as I tried to submit the update event to fix my rounding issue as mentioned earlier. As I hit the submit to Ato button a window popped up informing that the server could not be reached and to try and submit again at a later time. Which is what I did immediately and it went through. Now, going into the STP submissions to check, two update events have been submitted. How annoying. What do you suggest I do now? Can I put through another update event or is the next step to contact the ATO?



  • Rav
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    I wouldn't worry too much about this just yet. STP is reported on a Year to Date (YTD) basis only so those two submissions will be the same.

    If they haven't been already, when they're processed successfully just double check the final balances in the ATO Business Portal and/or MyGov.

    Note: You won't see detail for an update event submission within the ATO Business Portal as its only adjusting employee data ie. there is no employer component to an update event so it won't show individual detail for that submission there.