STP Year End incorrect


I use the free STP app from Reckon to lodge STP for one employee.

That employee pays approx 15% super, which I always record as SUPERANNUATION on the monthly lodgements.

However, when I went to do my year-end declaration, Reckon only calculated 10% super off the gross wage These is no-where on the app to correct this on the declaration.

I do not wish to send an incorrect declaration to the ATO.

How can I correct this?



  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,085 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @PeterJay

    Check out the update info about this in our Payroll App end of financial year guide linked below.

    In short, yes the EOFY finalisation screen shows super balances at the default 10% rate. RESC is separate and has been recorded correctly and sent as part of your STP submissions (including the EOFY submission) however its just not displayed visually on-screen at the moment.

  • PeterJay
    PeterJay Member Posts: 5

    Wow Rav. Thanks for your prompt reply. Many thanks.