URGENT - ABN has already been registered when using Reckon GovConnect

KateAIPC Member Posts: 2

I need to add a new entity to my account in Reckon GovConnect but ABN is showing as already registered. Can someone please help me get this sorted out? I've read all the previous posts about this but can't seem to find a solution other than creating my own discussion item. I've tried to get in touch with ATO but the keep getting cut off due to high call volumes.

ABN: 66 349 813 957

Thank you!


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,072 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @KateAIPC

    I've just had a look and there was an issue affecting the registration of that ABN to GovConnect. I've cleared that error so you should be able to register it now.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • KateAIPC
    KateAIPC Member Posts: 2

    Amazing! Thank you Rav. All I need to do now is register the software ID and I'm good to go. Appreciate your very fast response!