EOFY Finalisation - 1 Employees data is not hitting their mygov account

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Good afternoon

I have finalised pays and lodged the finalisation of STP for 2021-2022 on the 30th of June. however out of over a 150 employees one person's figures are not appearing in their mygov account. Everyone else's is appearing as Tax Ready. He has been employed with us since September last year and his pay is lodged every week with STP. When I open the details section on the STP lodgement page with Reckon he is listed in the finalisation, and every week too. Apparently our company is not even showing as paying him wages in his MyGov account.

I have tried to resubmit his wages for the last pay cycle of the year through STP and then I tried to finalise the EOFY just for his again. And it is still not showing.

Has anyone ever had this problem?

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    Hi @Jocelyn

    Are the details for the employee valid and accurate? In particular their TFN.

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    I have double checked with the Employee that their TFN is correct.

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    Sounds like there's definitely an information flow-through error somewhere, either with your (employer) info in the employee's myGov or with the employee's info in your RA record.

    Ask the employee for a document from the ATO with their TFN on it so you can actually confirm it IS correct (particularly if english is not the employee's first language) !

    I have a client whose employee has just advised the same scenario as you & the employee's son - who had helped with translating - had originally provided his own TFN to my client by mistake! Consequently, there was no record under the employee as it had all been being reported under the son's record. Fortunately, correcting the employee's TFN in RA & resubmitting the finalisation rectified the situation 😊

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