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Please please help

i have spent so much time on the phone with Reckon trying to get help on this issue with no result.

we used the reckon payroll module for the last financial year. Now we are adding other modules to use Reckon as our complete accounting package. However the bank balance for payroll has carried over in the negative. Makes sense. The issue is how do I adjust it in Reckon One? I’m sure there is a simple manner and that I am not the first doing this based on the fact that Reckon offer individual modules with add on options. Is it a journal process? Does it require a bank rec to clear it out?

thank you anyone that can help!!


  • Rav
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    Hi Anna,

    Just to clarify, do you mean that bank account you've created in Reckon One is in a negative balance?

    Take a look at 'Receive Money' which allows you to record money coming into your bank account. I'll link a guide which goes into more in-depth info below -

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  • Anna_10864306
    Anna_10864306 Member Posts: 2


    I have a negative bank balance carried forward from payroll module. the balance sheet is also carrying forward salary payable components.

    how do I set these accounts up for opening balances for new financial year. Ie 1st July 2022 now that we have incorporated all accounting modules to payroll module used alone for last financial year.

    I have spoken to 4 different individuals at reckon tech help for long amounts of time and not one has been able to help me.