POS Lite & Reckon Accounts Plus 2022

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Looking to upgrade our old POS system and we're wondering if Reckon POS Lite dovetails with our Reckon Accounts Plus 2022 desktop version. Most of the posts on the POS side of things are quite old and haven't found any posts that address this so apologies if I've missed it, but looking for someone who's currently running Reckon POS and if end of days sales can be uploaded or directly input into our desktop software. Cheers 🙂


  • Rav
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    Hi @berniedehmel

    Reckon POS Lite will indeed integrate with your Reckon Accounts Plus software. Also, I'd recommend checking out the FAQ's section on the POS Lite page which I'll link below as it contains info that is important for you to know -

  • berniedehmel
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    Hey there Rav,

    thanks for the reply. the read the FAQ's before posting for info as they created more questions than answers... I'll ring through and have 1 on 1 with sales or tech, but thanks for the prompt reply. It's greatly appreciated 👍