Scheduled transfers not showing in calendar

I have raised this issue before and hoped it would be fixed with the latest version of the software, but no luck

I have set up my credit card repayments as a scheduled bill but they are not showing in the calendar. I have done all the obvious things - ensured that both accounts are visible on the calendar and marked the transaction as a bill. But I still can't get this to appear on the calendar. This is an issue as I run the risk of missing a credit card payment and accruing interest. Can anyone help me with this? Transfers between other accounts are showing up perfectly well.


  • David M
    David M Member Posts: 79

    Are they showing up as Scheduled Bills and deposits in the bank account from which you will transfer the money to the Credit Card?

    That is where I locate mine, so that I see them every time I pay bills.

    Hope that helps.

  • mopsella
    mopsella Member Posts: 3

    Thanks David. They show up in the scheduled bills list if I hover over the day on which they are due but are invisible on the actual calendar. On the bills list they weirdly show a $0.00 due amount but if I open the bill the correct amount shows.