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I reported pay run for Apr-Jun 2022 but it was showing as apr-jun 2023 on my gov so I tried to delete it and I deleted pay run on STP app.

But it's still showing on my gov and I want to delete it but I cannot see the report on STP app.

I think it is because I deleted the report instead of adjust.

How can I delete the report which I cannot see on payruns?

EOFY report for FY22/23 on STP app says 'no paid employees' so I cannot adjust it here.




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    @virsolutions you will have to run a zero balance EOFY 2022-23 Payrun to clear Mygov statement.

    Might be worth checking the process to described by the Reckon community team support team on this post -

  • virsolutions
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I cannot see anything for FOYE 22/23 so I can’t to run a zero balance

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    Hi @virsolutions

    You cannot delete any STP submissions that have already been sent to the ATO for any reason.

    Since you've deleted the pay run in the app, there are no balances to report for the 2022/23 financial year which is why you're seeing the message from your screenshot above.

    When you NEXT send a legitimate pay run for the 2022/23 financial year, the Year to Date balances will be updated and be reflected in both the ATO's end and MyGov.