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Hi All,

There has been an employee number changed on an employee file (in last 3 months as a new employee) & now on ATO portal shows up as unfinalised AND finalised entry for the same employee. The YTD amount is exactly the same for both entries. The ATO as asked for the unfinalised entry to be zeroed out & an updated event submitted, but I need to know how to make the unfinalised entry 0.00 YTD? ATO said to contact software provider, but I thought I'd ask here before calling Reckon to sit on hold for the next few hours ;)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    Hi Leisha

    Why has the employee number been changed ? If an employee leaves & later returns, you can "Re-Hire" them again within the program. If they change their employment type (eg from FT to Casual), they're still the same employee, you would just document this in their employee Notes & edit their leave accruals to no longer calculate.

    You will need to minus out their old YTD figures - using the balances as per their last Paycheque - via Set Up YTD Amounts (under the Employees dropdown menu). As you can't create a $ 0.00 Paycheque, you'll either need to:

    • If you're referring to the 2022 FY ... date the YTD adjustment on or before 30/06/22 then redo the Finalisation again which should reflect the update. If you're referring to 2023 ... wait until you do the 2023 Finalisation, which will automatically reflect the updated $ 0.00 YTD balances for this employee's old record.


    • Create a Paycheque for 1c payment with 1c PAYG to clear it to $ 0.00, then submit an Update Event for this, selecting just that employee

    (NB: My preference would always be the 1st option as I prefer to keep the numbers accurate)

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    Hi @Leisha S

    I'd recommend taking a look at the info and steps in the help guide linked below -

    Separately, all of our call queues are clear so there are no wait times to our phone based support teams.

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    Thanks heaps! Will have a good read. Employee number was added, not changed. That's the only change within their file & can foresee having caused the issue. If I can't work it out with your great suggestions, I'll be sure to give the support team a call. Awesome! Thanks again :)