NIL STP Submission using Reckon Payroll App

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We have just changed Reckon software, from Reckon Accounts Desktop (STP reporting through the Reckon Payroll App) to Reckon Accounts Hosted.

To begin lodging our current STP with Hosted, I have been advised we first need to remove our ABN from the mobile app. Technical support said I need to submit a NIL STP Submission to the ATO through the Reckon Payroll App. Then I can login to the portal, add product and insert ABN.

Unfortunately as a total novice, I'm way over my head here at the first step. I've searched help, but it doesn't give any info on how to do a Nil STP Submission using the Reckon Payroll App. Can anyone please help?

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    Hi @medowieaog

    The first thing you'll need to do is ensure you're using the latest version of the Reckon Payroll App which at the moment is version 2.24.45. Check your app store if there are any available updates to download & install.

    Once that is done, you can send through a nil STP submission from the End of Financial Year section in the app. You'll find the toggle to switch all values to $0.00 which will make all balances you've sent through in the respective financial year for all employees zero. Send that through and it will be updated at the ATO's end as well. Example below.

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