Processing Payroll screen adjustment

Timberyard Member Posts: 2

Hi, when processing the Payroll for our employees, is it possible for Reckon to allow the "Review or Change Payments" screen to be enlarged. The Earnings List & Employee Summary for each employee is not in full view and I would like to be able to see all without needing to scroll up/down. Of course it has been like this for years, but perhaps it could be changed at some stage to allow better visibility of all Earnings items & Employee Summary items in the list. All other screens and reports are able to be enlarged.


  • Rav
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    Hi @Timberyard

    Do you mean this window below? I don't believe there is functionality within the software itself to expand its view but I'd suggest raising this as a feature request on our Product Ideas portal here -

  • Timberyard
    Timberyard Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for your reply Rav, yes that is the screen I am talking about. Unlike the list above I have many items. I'll stay tuned, and I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;-)