Reckon STP : Reporting Annual Leave on Termination payment

Millenico Member Posts: 6
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Please help! Superannuation by Employer is not payable on AL on termination.

However when I try to post my STP, RECKON keeps applying 10.5% super to this one off payment; which is not correct. I do not know how to REMOVE this superannuation entry amount.

Any suggestions please? I do not use RECKON for payroll ; only for STP reporting to ATO. RECKON will not help me because I do not pay a fee; and use only their basic reporting for STP.



  • Rav
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    Hi @Millenico

    Can you provide some specific info on how you're creating this pay run ie. what is the pay item you're using and what is its setup?

    You have the ability to create custom pay items that exclude the calculation of super when used in a pay run. You'll find the ability to create your own custom item in the Settings menu. Check out the how-to video linked below for more info on this.

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