Reckon Hosted Constantly Logging Off - Frustrating

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Hi, anyone else having issues with Hosted logging them off - ie working away and it starts lagging to save and when I go to main page - message is there that Ive not been in the system for a while, so Ive been logged off.

This is extremely frustrating especially when lodging STP or backing up but overall in general it is damm frustrating.

Why cant we log in in the morning and work continuously without having to check we are still logged because the system doesnt think we are???


  • Kris_Williams
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    I get that message in the login window but I’ve usually been working for some time and I see it when I go to logout, I’m already logged out but still able to work, confusing but doesn’t interfere with my session, just means I can’t officially go to Settings - logout

  • Rav
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    The dashboard screen (screenshot above) will timeout after a certain period of time if not accessed. I can't recall exactly but I believe its in the vicinity of around ~20 minutes or so.

    However when you have launched your Hosted session ie. your file that will continue to operate and be active for you to use. The dashboard screen timing out will not impact your Hosted session.

    Just a couple of things to keep in mind though when it comes to your session, using a browser navigation option eg. Back, Forward, Refresh etc will interrupt the connection to the server and result in a Gateway error. Secondly, if you have settings active on your PC such as auto sleep/hibernate etc that can also potentially impact the session.

    Finally, an instable internet connection that may drop then reconnect will almost certainly disrupt the session's connection to the server environment.

    With all that said, are you finding yourself being logged out of your file (not the dashboard) after a certain period of time of inactivity?

  • Pivacadmin
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    Hi, I can be working in my files and it will log out - why is that??

    If it does this whilst I am backing up or doing STP it stops completely then I have to re-log in and start all over again and if backing up then I have to rebuild my data and then back up.

    I do not use back, forward, refresh etc whilst using Reckon and I use another browser for other applications I have to use.

    I do not have auto sleep/hibernate on my PC

    Our internet connection is stable - the only time it drops out is if power goes out .

    When I have been logged out then nothing will work ie if I enter a supplier invoice and hit save, the hourglass comes up and thats it, so thats when I know that bugger Im logged out - I then go to the dashboard try logging in again and it tells me Im logged in ha ha then I have to end that session and re-start again