HI When doing my payrun it took ages before the success showed on the STP side, so prior to it showing I resubmitted by payrun another 2 times as it just didn't show.

Now I look on the ATO stp reporting and I have 3 payruns entered for todays date, yet only one payrun in reckon with 3 successful submissions.

Can someone please tell me the correct way to reverse the two extra submissions. I don't want to make another error and make the situation worse

Many thanks, Jen


  • Rav
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    Hi Jen,

    Single Touch Payroll is reported on a Year to Date basis only. While you may have 3 submissions now showing because you've sent the additional two through unnecessarily, the YTD balances will all be the same since it's the same pay run.

  • evo.32
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    Thank you. I am glad I asked and didn't try to fix as I would have made a ripe mess of it. Have a great day