Is it possible to archive previous years of data?

Jo Janssen
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I have been operating Reckon One for three years and am being overwhelmed by several years worth of transactions and invoices all sitting in current accounts, especially when internet is slow. Is there some way to archive previous years, e.g. make a copy, and start a new book even. Does that mean double the monthly cost?

Or maybe as part of the year end process?

Am I right in thinking there is still no way of doing a local backup?


  • Rav
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    Hi @Jo Janssen

    Reckon One doesn't have an archive option at this stage but I agree more options to organise data would be a great addition.

    Just something to check off, when you're on a list screen how many rows are you displaying by default? Example screenshot from my account below where you'll see I'm displaying 100 rows but can select other options.

  • Jo Janssen
    Jo Janssen Member Posts: 10

    Hi Rav,

    I have 100 items showing, but this isn't really the issue. The issue is how many pages of transactions I have and growing (22 of just the items on our business account. i.e. 2200 items!) Not such a problem when I search by date, because the current year will be in the first few pages, but if I search by name, the page I want may be 10 pages in and if the internet is slow, I am waiting for page after page to download. Also, I can't circumvent this by entering a page number and going straight there, there is only an arrow so have to flick through each page. Even introducing the option to pick a page number as well as the forwards and backwards arrows would be a help.

    What I thought was if I can make an electronic copy, then I can save the original data and on my new copy I can delete earlier years. Is there any way to make a copy and keep it live? I already have PDFs of previous years cashflow, but am understandably reluctant to delete data without an electronic copy.

    Is this something they are likely to work on and introduce in the next year or two? I can't believe they have created this software without the ability to archive earlier data.