Please restore hourly rate back to 4 decimal places

In the last version 4.0.2 the hourly rate went from 4x decimal places to 2x decimal places which means the only way now to have the correct payment amount is to alter the hours worked which I cannot do. Now all the payment amounts into the employees bank accounts have extra cents in there instead of an even payment amount number. I realise some people don't require 4 decimal places in their hourly rates, but so long as the payment amount into the employee's bank account is only 2x decimal places it should be all ok for everyone to have 4x decimal places in the hourly rate. Can you please change this back to 4x places in the next version?



  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,085 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi Sandy

    Is this still occurring for you?

    If so, did you notice it starting as soon as you switched over to v4.0.2 or some time after you had started using that latest version?

  • Sandy_10111445
    Sandy_10111445 Member Posts: 7

    Hi Rav, thank you for your reply.

    I noticed that it occurred as soon as I did the app update to v4.0.2

    I try to check for app updates before I process the pays, so the change back to 2x decimal places was immediately post the app update.

    There now have been 2x successive fortnightly pay periods with the 2x decimal places for me now.

    Is it just happening to me or to everyone else as well?

    Kind regards,


  • Sandy_10111445
    Sandy_10111445 Member Posts: 7

    Hi Rav, I just upgraded to the Payroll App V.6.0.28 and this problem with only 2x decimal places still hasn't been fixed.

    I realise we will have to go to the paid STP2 version shortly - can you please tell me if the paid version has 4x decimal places in the earnings hourly rate? I don't want to commit to the new version if this same problem is happening with that version too.

    Many thanks,

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  • Jason Hollis
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    Hi Sandy. We have reviewed and agree this is not the desired outcome, nor the intent. Our mobile team have scheduled the work for March to address this.

    Kind regards,