two stp submissions for same date- one correct one incorrect

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last week i uploaded the wrong pay to stp and accidentally pressed submit rather than delete.

Now i have two entries. I just need to get rid of the incorrect entry . This pay run has 5 employees.

You have sent me instructions to submit a NIL STP report for financial year.

Are these the right instructions to use to just get rid of one payment entry?

is there an easier way to delete one entry?

OR , Am i supposed to subtract the incorrect amount from SUM gross pay amount and SumPayAmount ? rather than changing to 0?


  • Rav
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    Hi @pyasi

    A nil STP submission will zero out ALL balances that you have reported up to this point and should only be used in very specific cases which your situation does not sound like it fits into. Where did you obtain those instructions from? Our help guide site?

    Single Touch Payroll is reported on a Year to Date basis only. That means that if you've already sent through any further successful submissions AFTER the erroneous one, then the employee's Year to Date balances have already been updated.

  • pyasi
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    Thanks Rav, I didnt think it really applied but Good thing i didnt follow instructions yet.

    Last week, could only find help section to lodge a help ticket- so submitted a help question straight to through reckon help and got a ticket. I uploaded a screen shot of my mistake as well.

    An email from reckon was sent to me with those instructions above.

    So how can i delete the incorrect one? I use reckonhosted .

    Is reckon able to delete for me?

    Is there anyone that can speak to me and talk through? or are there detailed instructions for this?

    I would like to fix before i have to lodge this weeks pay STP .

  • Rav
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    You cannot delete any Single Touch Payroll submissions that have been sent to the ATO regardless of the reason.

    However more importantly, keep in mind STP is reported on a Year to Date basis only as I mentioned previously. Each time you send through a successful submission it will overwrite the previous YTD balance and be replaced with the current. So if you sent through the incorrect submission and have already sent through a second one that is correct, its already updated the Year to Date balances for the employees.