Reckon One Payroll - extra tax not calculating

Julie Ross
Julie Ross Member Posts: 8

An employee has requested extra tax be deducted from their salary. I inserted 4.5% to the Extra tax option in the paysetup for this employee, however, at the next payrun, the extra tax was not deducted. Is there another setting I should be looking at?


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,678 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi Julie

    I just tried testing this out to see if I can replicate what you're experiencing but it looks like it worked ok in my case. Check out my example below -

    I then created a pay run dated after the ‘From Date’ above and it calculated tax as listed for this specific employee.

    Have you added a % or $ symbol to establish what parameter of additional tax should be included in the pay run?

    Also, is the pay run you're now creating dated after the ‘From Date’ under the ‘Extra tax’ field?

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  • Julie Ross
    Julie Ross Member Posts: 8

    Thank you Rav,

    I had already set up the pay as shown above and ran the first payroll after that date. I have successfully set up other employees over the years using Payroll Premier and not had any problems. This is the first time I had tried the extra tax in Reckon One. I'm now thinking there is a problem with the employee's actual record as STP have rejected the payroll file and prior to this particular employee, it all worked fine. I'm going to re set up the employee and rerun the payrun. If I still have a problem after this, I will get back to you

    Thank you for your response