Reckon Payroll App Update v6.0.23 🆕📲 (Enhancements & bug fixes)

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Reckon Payroll App update v6.0.23 🚀

The Payroll App has received an update to version v6.0.23 which is now available for you to download from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

This update squashes some minor bugs and adds some refinements.

Check out details of the new update below!

Enhanced account creation page 🧾

The account creation/new account page has been improved. Various fields such as First Name, Last Name & Phone Number will provide auto-fill suggestions based on information available in your Contact Card (iOS) or Google Personal Info (Android).

Refinements to ‘STP Phase 2 Coming Soon’ info ✏

Based on user feedback various text and wording has been made clearer and easier to understand.

Bug fix - Termination Pay taxes 🐛

A bug introduced in v6.0.1 where unused annual and long service leave were being included in the ETP component has been fixed.

Bug fix - Termination reasons 🐛
A bug introduced in v6.0.1 contained the option for additional termination reasons. This has been fixed and the options now listed are compliant with future STP Phase 2 reporting requirements.

Bug fix - Bonus Earning item 🐛

When adding a Bonus earning item during a pay run the $ symbol was missing from the Tax withheld place holder text.

Download the latest update from your app store -



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