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I am an accountant, this plan for this program Reckon One billing the client for the module under their name, which I give them access to. I have set up reckon Gov Connect, under my own ABN number and name.

The clients, company module has payroll, and I have entered their ABN number under the system. Under settings of general details, do I need to put in my own company name an ABN? So as to lodge their payroll on their behalf?

What I need to change Gov connect to their ABN number so as to lodge their payroll? If so how do I change it to their ABN number if I need to do so?

As I noticed under the Gov Connct, that the client could initiate the connection to the bookkeeper or the accountant, if the program was under their name and they were paying the invoice directly. This is not an option as the client has a tendency to delete things that he shouldn’t etc.

Also when I try to send to Gov connect STP, from the clients module, I get an error stating occurred submitting simple touch payroll details to API. How do I resolve this particular issue?

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    Hi @Adrian Connolly

    The ideal (and best practice) setup is for the client to create the Reckon One book and STP entity in GovConnect within their own account then share it to your account since they are the authority of that ABN.

    Once you have setup the STP entity in GovConnect, there is the option of designating an agent such as yourself who is submitting STP on behalf of a client. This is found in the Company & Advisor section within the STP entity and I'll link some info to this below -

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