First reported in community in 2016... why does process Payroll sometimes duplicate journals?

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Every so often, when processing a pay run, Reckon one creates two journals, a copy of each other, doubling the payroll and super liabilities.

There is no functionality to delete the duplicated journal and support always say to undo all your work and re do it all, which is a massive pain and time expense.

Other than "the devs are looking at it" which we've heard for 7 years, can we find out whats going on and ease the way for it to be corrected?



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    Hi @duxnutsshane

    How often would you say this occurs during your payroll tasks?

    Sorry to ask the basic but, when you're finishing up a pay run are you selecting the 'Finish Pay Run' button once only?

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    Heya Rav,

    I'd say on average about once a month it happens. Sometimes we pick it up early, undo all the work and redo it.

    This time, it was a few weeks back and would be tricky to undo and redo. Support say they can't help.

    Steps we follow are:

    Create pay run

    Enter everyone's hours

    Mass Email pay slips


    After finish payrun is clicked, it processes then creates the liability journals. Every few weeks, it will create two identical journals (doubling payroll and super liabilities). The double up can't be deleted and the only way to fix is to undo the whole payroll and start again, hoping it doesn't reoccur.

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    Oh and yep, clicking once for Finish Payrun

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    Update: Trying now to reconcile super payments as liability dates have moved.