Reckon Payroll App update v6.2.7 - Daily & casual worker tax tables 🆕📲

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Reckon Payroll App update v6.2.7 🚀

Hi everyone!

The Reckon Payroll App has been updated to v6.2.7 which is now available for you to download from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

This update brings in some new enhancements, check out the details below!

Date From & To fields for daily & casual workers - Tax Table ⚖

The pay run creation screen has been enhanced so that Earnings and Leave items can have a date from and to set against them.

This enables casual and part time employees to have their tax calculated using the ATO’s tax table for daily and casual workers (NAT 1024). This will help ensure the correct tax is withheld for employees who are claiming the tax-free threshold with multiple employers.

For further information on when this tax table should be used please refer to the ATO Tax table for daily and casual workers website.

Check out the video for a demonstration on how to enter a ‘Date from’ and ‘Date to’ in a pay run and the impact it will have on the PAYG tax withheld.

We've also created a handy help guide for the date from & to functionality which is linked below -

Employee ABN number 🔢

Employee tax details has been enhanced so an ABN can be added for Voluntary Agreement employees. This enables the ABN for Voluntary Agreement employees to be included when submitting STP Phase 2 reports to the ATO.

Improved messaging during premium plan upgrade 💬

Users who experience an issue with the purchase of a premium plan subscription from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store will now be shown improved messaging. This will provide further information on why the upgrade may be failing and what to check.

Download the latest update from your app store below!



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