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Has anyone received an email from [email protected] ?

Do Not Upgrade to Reckon Accounts 2023 - R1

Dear Melinda

A Bug has just been found in the 2023 version of Reckon Accounts (both Hosted and Desktop) that impacts the employees card / masterfile information. This could be a major issue, particularly for those of you with larger employee numbers (it impacts all employees).

More information about the issue and a current (an very manual) workaround is contained here

As per our earlier correspondence we do not recommend loading the 2023 version until you have finished your last pay and your end of year finalisation for 2023 so we wouldn’t expect you have upgraded as yet anyhow.

We just thought it best to let you know so you defiantly hold off and are therefore not impacted by this issue. Once the bug has been fixed and a new release is available we (and we presume, Reckon) will be in touch.


Clayton Oates

Chief Solutions Officer

T: 1300 289 846

I received this today from one of my clients and wanted to alert...


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    Personally I don’t think it’s spam as Clayton Oates is the trainer who hosts the Reckon webinars, but wait till someone with more knowledge than I do answers you

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    @LornaBock This isn't a scam email!

    Clayton is a long-term Reckon AP who has presented a few webinars recently on STP2. These are known issues with the new 2023 release - as advised by Reckon - that Clayton is notifying attendees/members about.

    When you login to this Community forum, there are numerous posts & announcements on these issues, reiterating to hold off on upgrading (which was Reckon's original recommendation anyway, to upgrade after finalising the current FY) 😬

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    Thank you everyone... Have not upgraded any of our clients yet as it is not yet end of year. Received this email from a client, currently holidaying in Bali, who had asked me to upgrade her file as she has already run her last payroll for the year. Then she received this message. Just checking.. You never know these days.

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    Understand, enjoy Bali

  • Rav
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    Hi @LornaBock

    Thanks for raising this.

    Just wanted to add some clarity, we've discovered an issue in the new 2023 edition of Reckon Accounts Hosted & Reckon Accounts Desktop that affects some employee settings after completing the STP Phase 2 Migration Assistant. It only affects employees that are updated using the Migration Assistant.

    There's more info on this in the announcement linked below including the (current) workarounds however we're working on a fix at the moment which we hope to roll out very soon.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.