2023 STP Finalisation Error

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Is anyone else getting an error on their Reckon Accounts Hosted STP Finalisation file upload? The error is: (as attached)

"instance.PayrollEvent.PayrollDetail requires property "TotalGross", instance.PayrollEvent.PayrollDetail requires property "TotalPAYG"

Nothing has changed. The last payroll file and STP upload was on Friday. Every single payroll file has been uploaded with success prior to this.

As advised, we have not upgraded to 2023 version of the software. The advice was to process all pays and finalise wages in the 2022 version, then upgrade to 2023. That is what I am trying to do. Please help, many thanks.

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  • ADNFinance
    ADNFinance Member Posts: 7

    Oh! Of Course! I knew that. My apologies. Thank-you so much for your prompt reply. That has fixed the error. Please close this discussion.😁

  • Rav
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    Good stuff, glad you were able to sort it 🙌

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