Back up taking too long for Upgrading to Reckon Accounts Hosted 2023

Michelle0678Bondi Member Posts: 6


We are using reckon hosted and we need to process the first payroll today for 120 employees.

I was trying to upgrade 2023 for the past 2 days but backup took so long and it has frozen at 98% for a couple of times and had to do it again and again. It took nearly 8 hours to get to 98% backup.

We really need to process a payroll today as the first payroll for FY 2024.

Is there anyway to let me do payroll first without this grade today.

as to new tax rate and super, is it auto updated when you put the July date As we have over 130 employees, it will be a big job if we need to do manually.

Thanks. Looking forward to prompt reply.