ATO Error: First two characters of the tax treatment code must be one of the following

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  • Selina_10231251
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    Hi Rav,

    I submitted the pay run for last week and got rejected from ATO. The reason is very strange. Would you tell me how to response to ATO

    kind Regards,


  • Rav
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    Hi @Selina

    I'd recommend taking a look at my reply linked below on a previous related post from a fellow member on the Community. Click on the date in the linked post below to open it in full view on the original thread.

  • Selina_10231251
    Selina_10231251 Member Posts: 26

    Thanks Rav,

    I do have a new employee that has no TFN, but she is going to apply one. Do I need to wait till she has her TFN to resubmit the rejected pay runs or change the tax scale first?

    Kind Regards,