STP Finalisation 2023

Linda Hawkins
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Morning, I have a client who I finalised STP for, and one of the employees has accessed their MyGov and is showing one tax ready, and one not tax ready income statement.

However, NEITHER of these figures reconcile to what was actually lodged, and needs to be declared? How do I ensure that there is only ONE income statement on MyGov and showing the correct figures?

What assurance can I give the client now that the other 41 employees have been filed correctly?


  • Rav
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    Hi @Linda Hawkins

    Are you aware if there is a specific reason why this particular employee has two income statements? Was there a change in their information at some point throughout the financial year? eg. change of employee number, TFN or some other detail?

    Has this employee been employed somewhere else at some point in the course of the financial year? ie. could one of those income statements be for earnings/tax/super from a different employer?

    When you look at the EOFY finalisation you've sent through, do the balances that are attributed to this specific employee have any resemblance or commonality at all with what is appearing on their MyGov?

  • Linda Hawkins
    Linda Hawkins Member Posts: 13 ✭✭

    @Rav - no idea, that's why I am asking here! They are both from the same employer, both for different amounts, and neither of the amounts reconcile to what was actually lodged?

    The only commonality is the PAYG is correct in one of the lodgements, but the gross is not the same, although not far from being correct

  • Rav
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    I've had a chat with the support team and the most common reason we've come across this sort of situation is where employee details have been altered at some point in the course of the financial year, in most cases the employee number. This then results in two income statements being generated for the employee on the MyGov end.

    There's a help article which I'll link below for more information here 👇

    Can you recall if this happened for this employee?

    More importantly, are the total balances for this employee showing correctly in Reckon Accounts Hosted? If so, you can create and send through a new EOFY finalisation for this specific employee only and send it through. Doing so will overwrite any current tax ready balances that are on the ATO end.

    Also, let me preface this first and just say I'm not an accountant or tax agent however from what I've heard on the Community previously, the 'Not Tax Ready' entry is ignored when it comes to tax return purposes. Again though I can't 100% confirm the veracity of that.

  • Kris_Williams
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    Yes the employee can simply make sure their accountant knows to ignore the Not Ready statement. As Rav said the most important thing is to make sure the figures in Hosted agree with the figures in GovConnect. You can go to the last submission for the year in GovConnect and also the finalisation file and click on details to check the employee’s totals