Error in STP being reported to ATO

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Hi there, When uploading our Phase 2 STP for new FY, we had a few errors, to find out out after 2 uploads that it was a dash in the mobile number. Nevertheless once we corrected it when then got a 'success' reading. However the x2 'error' uploads went through to the ATO, and now ATO thinks we paid and owe all this money in our PAYG but we don't. How I correct this please?


  • Alexander McKeown
    Alexander McKeown Reckon Staff Posts: 77 Reckon Staff

    Hello @KSADMIN,

    The best solution in this situation is to resubmit the submission with the "Submit as an Adjustment" box ticked.

    This will send an amending pay run to the ATO and clear the duplication from their end.

    Kind regards,

    Alexander McKeown

    Reckon Senior Technical Support