Can you completely turn off MFA on a Reckon account?

mattdk Member Posts: 1

I’m having issues with my financial controller in the Philippines logging into my account and it’s annoying to try and coordinate an SMS code each time.

can MFA be turned off?

also my financial controller can’t seem to setup an MFA with a non-Australian number so that doesn’t work as an alternative solution.


  • Rav
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    Hi @mattdk

    MFA is an ATO mandated requirement for Single Touch Payroll so if you have access to a Reckon One book with payroll then you'll need to have MFA.

    With that said, from what you've described I think there's an option which should make things a fair bit easier. Is your financial controller logging in with the same account details as you are? If so, rather than doing it that way, share your Reckon One book with them instead.

    They'll just need to create their own Reckon Portal account which they can do so for free HERE and then you can share your book to their account. Most importantly, they will have their own MFA and rather than using SMS (since it only supports AU & NZ phone numbers), they can use the authentication app method instead.

    I'll add some info on how to share your Reckon One book and also the authentication app method for MFA below -

    📄 Setting up MFA with an authentication app

    Let me know if you have any questions