Salary Sacrifice - YTD summary - showing under Total RECS


Salary Sacrifice is showing as Total RECS rather than Total Superannuation - in YTD summary This was because the incorrect setting of pay item/superannuation please see below screenshot.

Please assist how to amend the setting.

Thanks Elizabeth


  • Eric Murphy
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    Salary sacrifice is RESC so if you have included this in your payruns then that's where it should be reported.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding your post?

  • Elizabeth Kurniawan
    Elizabeth Kurniawan Member Posts: 9

    Hi Eric

    Thank you for your post.

    I thought the salary sacrifice $ should be consolidated in 'Total Superannuation $' .

    If salary sacrifice is RECS, will it be reported as RECS in PAYG Summary at end of June 24 ?

  • Rav
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    Hi @Elizabeth Kurniawan

    As Eric has mentioned, Salary sacrifice to super is a RESC component. It will be sent as such as part of your STP submissions.

    There is more general info about RESC from the ATO from their site HERE.

  • Elizabeth Kurniawan
    Elizabeth Kurniawan Member Posts: 9

    Thank you Rav and Eric for your help.

    Kind regards