STP submissions rejected

When I submit payroll FY 2022-23 Report, the status shows error. How can I adjust the problem now?


  • Rav
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    Hi @susan_10261283

    I'd recommend taking a look at my reply linked below on a previous related post from a fellow member on the Community. Click on the date in the linked post below to open it in full view on the original thread.

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  • susan_10261283
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    edited September 2023

    Hi there,

    Regarding to the problem I sent yesterday, I have update employee's details, unfortunately it's still rejected by ATO. Pls see details as following:

    The Status from Reckon is Error, I update employee's visa and personal details but I found the employee's Prefilling report has two pay runs:

    Yes I have called ATO today, they told me they can't update any STP report figures. Please kindly find the reason how to fix that problems.

    Best wishes.