Duplicate entries for payroll in STP reporting

Hi I have recently upgraded to STP2 and had issues with the ATO interface.

I have now found that the updates did occur and have duplicate entries in the STP interface in both Reckon and on the ATO website.

I have connected with the ATO and they have advised to do an updated event to fix the problem.

Can you please confirm next steps?


  • Manorford
    Manorford Member Posts: 8

    You can see here data from 28th August and 4th September has uploaded twice and now reflecting incorrect figures on the BAS Activity statement.

  • Rav
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    edited September 18

    Hi @Manorford

    If you check the year to date balances for your employees by generating a Payroll Summary report (in the Reports menu), are the balances you see there correct for each employee OR are they also incorrect?

    Example below -

  • Manorford
    Manorford Member Posts: 8

    Thanks Rav YTD balances are correct and balance to P & L, Balance Sheet etc. No duplication.