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Hi I am trying to set up a paid parental leave item on the new reckon 1 payroll. I found a tutorial for the old payroll but not for the new. The old tutorial said to set it up as salary and enter the yearly salary based on the paid parental leave amount, in the new system it does not allow you to do that and in the employee card it calculates on the employees current rate.

Also I have had this a few times when you edit the pay on an employee it won't let you save and exit as it wants you to select a payee but there is nothing to choose from and so I can't save any of my changes.

Please could you tell me how to set up the paid parental leave and to get past this payee information require.



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  • Rav
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    Hi Jo

    Paid Parental Leave is categorised as an 'Other' leave type in Reckon Payroll.

    Go to Settings ➡️ Pay Items ➡️ Create Pay item ➡️ Leave, you'll be able to setup a new leave item.

    Select Other from the leave type dropdown list and then Paid Parental Leave from the Leave sub-type field.

    Setup the item as per your requirements and save to create it.

    Once its created, go to the employee profile who is eligible for it and then add it to to their profile in the Leave section by clicking Add Leave Entitlement. Select the Paid Parental Leave item you've just created from the list to add to the employee. Once you've done that, you'll be able to add it in a pay run for that specific employee.


  • Carolyn_9716443
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    Is there a step by step guide like the above for Reckon Accounts Hosted?

  • Pia
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    Hi Rav

    My Paid Parental Leave in Reckon Payroll was already setup under Salaries and Wages as a Variable Item and it wont allow me to change it over to other leave. Can you please let me know how to fix.


  • Rav
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    Hi @Pia

    The type of an item can't be changed once its created. What I'd recommend you do is disable the existing one you have (example of the left) and then create a new item under the correct type.