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  • Khanh
    Khanh Member Posts: 21

    Hi Rav! I have added the payroll module. All good now, thank you very much for you help and advice!

  • Khanh
    Khanh Member Posts: 21
    edited September 27

    Hi Rav, it has been a while working fine with this new Reckon Payroll book 'UV Payroll', but now I can't upgrade to STP Phase 2! Could you please assist.

    Tried to add GovConnect again to make sure...

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,087 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @Khanh

    Check the branch number field in your Reckon One book by going to Settings ➡ Book Settings ➡ Branch Number

    Please ensure there is a valid entry in this field and it matches the branch number for your existing STP entity in GovConnect and select Save.

    ℹ️ If your ABN does not have a specific branch number the default is 001.

    Once you've done the above, launch Reckon Payroll again and let me know if you're able to access it ok.

  • Khanh
    Khanh Member Posts: 21

    Hi @Rav , I checked the Reckon One book, ABN did not have branch number, I added 001. Saved and it works! Thank you very much!