Duplicated Pay Event in ATO Portal


I have just gone to lodge our activity statement and the figures the ATO have for are incorrect - when I looked into this deeper there are 2 pay events for the 31/10 for the same amount.

There is only one pay run in the Payroll Program (Reckon Payroll Web Version)

How do I correct this?

I am assuming our employees ATO YTD figures are incorrect too


  • Lucas
    Lucas Reckon Staff Posts: 66 Reckon Staff
    edited November 7

    Hi @Samantha_9713244,

    If the figures are incorrect, please make an adjustment to the W1 and W2 fields to your Reckon Payroll figures for the BAS.

    If you require further assistance, please get back to me.



  • klaura
    klaura Reckon Staff Posts: 50 Reckon Staff

    Hi Samantha_9713244,

    You don't need to be concerned about the duplicate submission if the Employee Pay Summary in Reckon Payroll is accurate. You can check this by going to Employee> Year-to-date summary on the left.

    The YTD balances will remain the same because STP is only reported on a year-to-date basis. It won't double the total if a submission is made more than once. The prior YTD balance will be overwritten and replaced with the current balance each time a successful submission is made.