How do I download files from Reckon Accounts Hosted? ⬇️

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Reckon Accounts Hosted is designed to store your data files in its own cloud drive called the My Live (Q:) drive.

You can upload or download files to and from Reckon Accounts Hosted using the Floating Toolbar which is the red icon you'll see in the screenshot example to the left.

Your company files (.QBW files), bank payments files (.ABA files), or lists files (.IIF files) etc will be located in the My Live (Q:) drive.

Your backup files (.QBB files or .QBM files) will be on located on My Backup (B) drive.

Downloading a file from Reckon Accounts Hosted ⬇️

To download a file, click on the download button in the Floating Toolbar.

A file browser window will open and by default, it will show files in the My Live (Q:) drive.

Navigate to the correct file you wish to download and click on it to start the download.

To download QBW company files go to My Live Q: drive

If downloading a backup, click on the drop-down arrow and select or My Backup (B:) drive.

You will be asked to select the location where you would like to download the file to. By default, it should select the Download folder on your computer however you can change it to any location of your choosing.

Once you have selected the destination, click on Save and your download will start.

Uploading a file to Reckon Accounts Hosted ⬆️

To upload a file, click on the upload button in the Floating Toolbar.

A file browser window will open. Browse to the location of the file on your local PC that you wish to upload. Select it and press Open.

An upload progress bar will appear and once the upload is completed, you will see the file in the Upload folder within your My Live (Q:) drive.

If you have uploaded a Reckon Accounts backup file (.QBB or .QBM), it will be in your My Backup (B:) drive.

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